Fern Ridge Reservoir, Florence, and Winchester Bay

18 June 2001

I was originally going to drive up OR 58 to Oakridge... when I borrowed my mom's radar detector, I even told her I was going up to Oakridge.

I got home and changed my mind. It was going to be a hot day, and even though Oakridge is about 1,000 feet higher in elevation, that wouldn't make much of a difference in temperature, and I hate hot weather. :b So I drove to the coast :)

I like it there. :) I think maybe I'll go back to the coast some more this summer. :)

(Florence newspaper headline, June 19th: "CAVEMAN SPOTTED MONDAY AT NORTH JETTY -- RESIDENTS FRIGHTENED" ;) )

Fern Ridge Reservoir; picture taken near Elmira. 

This is definitely not the ocean. ;) This is a lake west of Eugene. This is supposed to be a low-water year -- we're missing 60% of our usual rain -- but Fern Ridge looks full enough. Then again, it's only June... 

Highway 126, west of Veneta, heading toward Florence!

Just so you get an idea of what OR 126 looks like through my dirty windshield ;)

Apologies for the shadow of my car's windshield heating duct -- I took this picture while driving, and whenever the sun shines on the windshield, I get that shadow, which looks like a really cheap watermark ;) 

The coast! (Or is it?)

Actually, this is not the coast; it's a part of Siuslaw Bay (I think). The rocky peninsula to the left is the Florence South Jetty, and the one to the right is the Florence North Jetty. Nevertheless, it was comfortable and windy and there was sand all over the place, so... close enough. ;)

A view across the road...

This is the scene across the road from the bay: Lots of coastal-type trees, scotchbroom, etc.

Not the beach, and it definitely doesn't star Leonardo DiCaprio. 

This is a swampy little beach of sorts, which was found a half-mile or so down the road from the first place where I took pictures. 

Also not the beach.

This was a cliffy sort of not-beach that I found at the Florence North Jetty. I didn't get any closer to the water because there was a big sign saying "this structure is not designed for public use -- visit at your own risk".

Yansa, at the not-beach.

It's me, at the Florence North Jetty, standing in front of the old Coast Guard viewpoint. I put my camera on top of the Bionic Buffalo and set it to snap a picture of me.

It was quite windy, and about 68 -- very comfortable :)

Salmon Harbor, at Winchester Bay, Oregon!

This was a view that I saw many, many, many times when I was a kid. Right behind me, there used to be a phone booth where I used to call random 1-800 numbers when I was bored. (Winchester Bay is a very, very small town. :b ) 

The beach! 

No palm trees, no ganja farms, no pissed-off Thai farmers, no Puritan-looking ladies running strange sadistic communes, and (thank God) no Leonardo DiCaprio whatsoever... just sand and ocean as far as you can see. :) 

This beach is somewhere southwest of Winchester Bay. The next few pictures were taken there, too.


This is a big chunk of driftwood. I think it was even there when I was a kid, too (only a lot larger).

More of the beach.

Beach, driftwood, clear sunny sky, comfortable weather... I need to spend more time at the coast this summer, y'know. ;)

Sun, sand, waves.

The Oregon Coast. :) 

Sun, sand, waves, part deux.

To quote William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition, "Ocian in view! O the joy."

William Clark couldn't spell. ;)

A big pile of driftwood.

This is the pile of driftwood I had to climb over to get to the beach. It's bigger than it looks -- on the other side of the stuff you can see in this picture, there's about four times as much that you can't see. 

The beach, part 3 zillion.

More of the beach near Winchester Bay.

East of the beach.

These are the hills east of the beach. The white thing in the distance is the local Coast Guard station, complete with its own lighthouse.

Siuslaw Bay, east of Florence. 

Every time I've been by here, I've wished I had my camera with me. This time, I did. :) 

More of Siuslaw Bay.

Notice the logged area visible on the hill in the distance. I can look at it without flinching. I was born in Oregon. ;)

Highway 126, next to Siuslaw Bay, facing east.

Yes, I know that my car should be facing the other way. ;)

Text written 19 June 2001.
Last updated 19 January 2006.

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