Liverpool, New South Wales

- 14 July 2001 -

On the set of "Powerless".
(photo by Yansa)

I was in a movie while I was in Australia! RiÁk and I were walking along in Liverpool, NSW, and these two folks were standing on the sidewalk with a sign saying "We Need Movie Extras!" They asked if we wanted to be in a movie... RiÁk and I looked at each other, looked at them, and said "Yeah!"

The movie was "Powerless", an independent short film (which may be shown on national television in September or October). We were extras in a courtroom scene... 

The judge sat in the center, the social worker sat in the black chair on the right side, and the girl who was central to the storyline was over to the side, being guarded by the bailiff. RiÁk and I sat in the audience -- I was in the back, and they put RiÁk up front, right next to the major actors (including the guy who played the father of the aforementioned girl; he looked like Michael Gross, and he kept flubbing his lines).

The filming took about three hours. After it was over, we all got free sausage and ketchup sandwiches! And my name is now in movie credits in *Australia* :)

The Liverpool train station.
(photo by Yansa)

The nifty modern-looking Liverpool train station, across the street from the "Powerless" set.

Downtown Liverpool. 
(photo by Yansa)

The strange metallic statue across the street is a wacky abstract statue of Lachlan Macquarie. Macquarie was a Scotsman who moved to Australia in its colonial days. He became a major historical figure of some sort, and founded a bunch of towns, including Liverpool.

The statue's eyes literally follow you as you walk across the street. It's kinda spooky...

Downtown Liverpool, and the famous Lesbian Fountain.
(photo by Yansa)

Liverpool has a pedestrian mall, somewhat like Eugene does. The difference is that Liverpool has a pedestrian mall that actually works. ;)

At the center of Liverpool's pedestrian mall, there's a fountain... a Lesbian Fountain. It is called the Lesbian Fountain because it was designed by two lesbians. It is a well-known symbol of Liverpool -- the local Chamber of Commerce has it on the front of their tourist information map.

Text written 17 August 2001.
Last updated 19 January 2006.