Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

33░58' S, 150░53' E!
(photo by Yansa)

I brought my GPS with me to Australia. I forgot about it until the 17th, but I used it a lot that night :)

It was totally wacky to see "S" and "E" on there... my GPS had only previously been to places that were 40-something degrees North and 120-something degrees west :)   

Just in case my GPS ever loses its bookmarked places, I took this picture. 7,617 miles from home... wow :) Even after experiencing a 14-hour plane flight and a different culture, I still didn't feel 7,617 miles from home... being around so many of my good friends made me feel at home :)

Thursday, July 19, 2001

AMP Tower!
(photo by Yansa)

Rišk and I went up to the top of AMP Tower (also known as Sydney Tower; AMP is an Australian insurance company that owns the tower).

View of Sydney from AMP Tower.
(photo by Yansa)

Note a reflection of a certain someone taking a picture. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is just to the left of my hand.

Botany Bay!
(photo by Yansa)

This is the bay where Captain James Cook landed on January 26, 1788.

Looking down from AMP Tower...
(photo by Yansa)

View of Sydney from AMP Tower.
(photo by Yansa)

See that green park down there? It's Centennial Park, a very nice park, which was created in 1888. 

The Sydney Cricket Grounds (where I saw the AFL football game on my first day in town) is on its left side. We ended up having to park on a hill on the right side of the park, which had to be about two miles away (and, naturally, it was even more of those wacky metric kilometers away).

The Queen Victoria Building.
(photo by Yansa)

Sydney Town Hall.
(photo by Yansa)

Yansa, beneath a statue of Queen Victoria.
(photo by Yansa)

The building to the right of the statue is the Queen Victoria Building, again (conveniently located near the statue of Queen Victoria!)

Yansa, Rišk, and Rišk's brother Cain.
(photo by Sue)

Hangin' out at Cain's place! Cain rocks. :)

Yansa playing with sparklers on his last night in Sydney.
(photo by Rišk)

Text written 17 August 2001.
Last updated 19 January 2006.

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