The Oregon coast near Florence

13 October 2001

I got bored, so I drove to the coast. :)   

Highway 126, somewhere west of Eugene.

The beach.

Beach, bench, sand castles.

I was walking around on the beach, searching for a spot to sit down and scribble things in my travel journal, when I found this bench, and this cool grouping of sand castles.

There was a star-shaped wall around the edge, and then, inside that wall, there was a star-shaped moat of sorts. Inside that moat there were five sand castles, one for each point on the star. That must have taken a bit of effort to put together...

I had to get pictures before the sea took it away.

The aforementioned star-shaped sand castle complex.

Sunset over the star-shaped sand castle complex.

Picture of the sand castles and the beach, facing eastish.

Yansa standing behind the sand castles.

The beach, facing north.

The beach, facing south.

Just another sunset at the Oregon coast.

Leaving the beach.

Text written 23 November 2001.
Last updated 19 January 2006.