Snow Day!

Downtown Eugene and the Bethel-Danebo area

- 21 January 2002 -


Well, slush. But it looked like snow on surfaces other than concrete and asphalt. ;)

I happened to forget that it was MLK Day and thus not a work day, so I went to work just like normal... when I opened my garage door and saw the snow, I decided to bring my digicam with me, to take some pictures on the way to work! 

When I got to work and realized it wasn't a work day, I decided to walk around downtown and get some pictures of the snow. :)

After that, when I got home, I still had pictures left, so I took a long walk around my neck of the woods, and took some more pictures of the snow.

Snow days = cool. (Also rare, even at the slush stage.)

The view from my garage.

I saw the snow, and had to get a picture. :)

Roosevelt Boulevard at Bertelsen Road.

7th Avenue, facing west, from the Hult Center parking garage. 

7th Avenue at Olive Street, facing west, from street level. 

I accidentally moved the camera while the picture was being taken, hence the light streaks. The lens also partially fogged over, hence the blurriness. And it was really freaking cold, hence the snow. :b

The Hult Center for the Performing Arts!

Note the snow on the roof. This is also a nice view of 7th Avenue facing east.

Willamette Street at 8th Avenue, facing south.

2C (36F)! Told ya it was cold out.

Willamette Street at Broadway, facing southeast.

This is the world-famous Eugene downtown pedestrian mall along Broadway Street! It's full of abandoned storefronts, staid workplaces, swank eateries, and bums of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Note the weird pineappley things flanking the pedestrian crossing. Very trippy. Very pointless. Very Eugene.

Broadway at Willamette Street, facing east.

Eighth Avenue near Olive Street, facing west.

Olive Street at Eighth Avenue, facing south.

See the restaurant over on the right side of the picture -- not the one with the neon, but the one with the triangley things over the windows? 

Be afraid. 

Be very afraid.

They have bizarre pizza.

You haven't known the true meaning of disgusting until you've bitten into warm jicama. (Melts in your mouth!) Eeurgh. >:b My stomach turns just thinking about it.

Olive Street between 8th and Broadway, facing south.

Olive Street between Broadway and 10th, facing south.

The building under construction is Eugene's new library!

Eugene's new library, at the southwest corner of 10th Avenue and Olive Street.

Three words come to mind: high school gymnasium.

(It's a *nice* high school gymnasium, though.)

Eugene's bus station, at the southeast corner of 10th and Olive.

Right across from the high school gymnasium.


Downtown Eugene, looking south.

Picture taken from the roof of the Hult Center parking garage.

Note the high school gymnasium new library.

Skinner Butte and Ya-Po-Ah Terrace!

Looking north from the roof of the Hult Center parking garage.

Ya-Po-Ah Terrace is the tall building. It's a retirement home. The idea of a retirement skyscraper -- especially in a place like Eugene (population 137,000) -- still strikes me as being rather odd.

See the barely-visible U.S. flag on top of Skinner Butte? It's for a war memorial that's up there. There used to be a cross there. When the cross was inevitably taken down a few years ago, the idea of putting that dinky flag up there instead was a controversy here.

You've gotta love Eugene. ;)

7th Avenue, facing east, from the third floor of the Hult Center parking lot.

Yansa, with slush in his hair, on the third floor staircase of the Hult Center parking lot.

It was very cold out.

So I got in my warm car and drove homeward.

Highway 99 at Roosevelt, facing northwestish. 

There was snow on the roof of the Taco Bell! (And slush on the road, too.)

Barger Drive at Echo Hollow/Cubit, facing west.

By this time, the snow had mostly become a slushy rain. You can still see the snow on the grass over by Hollywood Video, though.

Yansa's backyard.

Unfortunately this picture turned out rather blurry, despite liberal use of the Paint Shop Pro "sharpen" feature.

Nevertheless, you can still make out the important features of my backyard: Its miniscule size, its lovely dirt, and its many scenic slush-covered weeds. Hooray for Yansa's laziness! ;)

Yansa's air conditioner unit.

No, my air conditioner isn't haunted... (Well, as far as I know, anyway.) This is just another blurry picture, probably from rain on the digicam lens.

This is the other part of my backyard, where grass grows whether I like it or not.

Note that this portion of my backyard is like 4' wide.

Praslin Street near Wales Drive, facing north.

Praslin Street, facing east.

Avalon Street, facing east.

North Terry Street, facing north.

See the lovely manufactured homes, and the wonderful telephone system!

(Okay, so you can't see the wonderful telephone system. But there's plenty of manufactured homes along North Terry, all right.)

Construction site along Terry Street. Facing west.

I think one of those hills is Green Hill, although I'm not certain.

They're building some sort of high school here.

"I claim this lake for Spain!"

The lake is actually a rather photogenic mud puddle in a horse pasture along Terry Street, near its intersection with Royal Avenue.

Picture taken facing west.

More of the same.

See the lovely lake! And the wonderful telephone system!

(Mynd you, buffalo bytes kan be pretti nasti.)

Avalon Street, facing west.

Avalon Street, past Praslin. Facing southwest.

One of those hills might be Green Hill, or something.

(I need to get a good topographic map of northern Bethel-Danebo someday, darnit!)

And while we're milling around in this area, what in the heck is a "Praslin"?! (And I haven't even mentioned the streets named "Frigon" and "Lawing", a few blocks from this spot, over in the Centex development.) 

They should've let me name the streets out here! I would've used words that actually mean something. :b

And somebody sure thought they were clever when they named "Haviture Way" a couple of blocks away from this picture. "Haviture Way." No kidding. It's an average residential street, despite the fact that the only thing that should be built on a street with that name is a Burger King. :b

But enough cranky Yansa for today! Let's get moving again.

Avalon Street, facing eastish.

Now do you believe me when I tell you it snowed today? ;)

The Avalon Village housing development. Facing north-northeast.

Text written 21 January 2002.
Last updated 19 January 2006.