Willamette Valley and the State Capitol in Salem

- 02 February 2002 -

I decided to just take off and drive wherever I felt like driving... and this is the result. :)

Mary's Peak and various other Coast Range mountains.

Taken along OR 99W, southeast of Corvallis.

More Coast Range mountains.

From the same spot.

Adair Frontage Road, northeast of Corvallis. 

Welcome to Polk County! 

Polk County is bucolic and sorta square-shaped. Its county seat is Dallas. It has a population of about 50,000 people. It is a "dry county" (i.e., it's illegal to buy alcohol in Polk County).

Dallas's main telephone prefix is 623, a prefix that sounds like it should be in suburban Portland, but isn't.

That is what I know about Polk County.

Welcome to Windows XP.

No! Actually, this is just a view of some Coast Range hills, as seen from the side of OR 99W near the Polk County line.



Roadside vegetation.

This is Suver, Oregon.

I could almost bet you real spendable money that you are never going to Suver, Oregon. If I wouldn't have just been driving random roads, I never would've gone to Suver, Oregon, either.

It's something like Tajikistan or Nunavut -- shrouded in mystery, right?


Actually, it's a large corporate farm, judging by the stuff I saw.

And it has a dorky name: Suver.

Typical view along... um, some road near Buena Vista.

I think I was facing east. Or maybe west. There's mountains in the distance, so it had to be east or west. Probably west; they don't look tall enough to be the Cascades. Then again, my camera has a tendency to minimize scenery and mountain grandeur, so they could be the Cascades. *shrug* 

Sideways telephone poles?

I have no idea what these are for. 

I was just minding my own business, driving around in the middle of nowhere (read: Polk County), looking at its bucolic farmingness, when I came upon this rather odd looking field.

Of course, I had to snap a picture.

Also visible is my radar detector. (It saved my heinie in Salem because it has a compass of sorts in it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.)


Scenic Buena Vista, Oregon.

This was my dodgy attempt to snap a picture of the sign that says "Buena Vista" from my car. Naturally, it's illegible from this distance.

The Buena Vista ferry across the Willamette was closed; otherwise, I would've snapped a picture of it instead.

The State Capitol!

Oregon's center of governmental power, in Salem.

Note the golden pioneer statue on top.

"Valiant men have thrust our frontiers to the setting sun."

A carving in front of the Capitol representing the pioneers and stuff.

"Westward the star of empire takes its way."

Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea (all three of which look vaguely ancient Persian in this carving).

Golden pioneer statue.

Atop the Capitol building.

The entrance to the State Capitol.

The golden pioneer statue, and the front of the State Capitol.

You can actually go up to the top of that ribbed Dixie Cup looking thing and look out over Salem.

I didn't. It felt weird to be at the near-deserted state capitol building all by myself. I spent 13 minutes taking pictures and then I left. :b

State seal!

Just inside the entrance to the capitol.

Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. :)

Seal of the Territory of Oregon.

Above the stairway to the House of Representatives' chambers, if I remember correctly.

Lewis and Clark at Celilo Falls. 

Why are they all dressed like Robin Hood? 

Lewis and Clark claiming Vietnam for Spain.

Just kidding! This is Robert Gray and the crew of the Columbia Rediviva at the mouth of the river that got named after the ship.

Entrance to the Senate chambers.

This is one of the few pictures from inside the Capitol that turned out okay.

(But all the doorways pretty much look like this, anyway, so you're not missing much.)

The State Seal, on the floor of the entrance to the Capitol.

As viewed from the top of the stairway to the Senate chambers.

The plaza across from the Capitol.

I-5 southbound, north of Albany, as viewed through raindrops on Yansa's windshield.

To the right is the "Stinky Factory" (as my parents called it when I was 6), the paper mill that gives Albany its characteristic aroma.

Hills. Facing north-northeast.

This picture was taken along Diamond Hill Road, near the Harrisburg exit on I-5.

Diamond Hill?

Whatever it is, it's one of the Cascade foothills, and it's got snow on it.

Facing southeast.

You can almost see the Coast Range here.

Facing west, still alongside Diamond Hill Road.

A nifty sunset.

Facing southwest, alongside Diamond Hill Road.

More almost-visible Coast Range.

And a lot of Diamond Hill Road, too. Facing west.

Barging down Barger.

Barger Drive, back in Eugene.

More barging down Barger.

The PeaceHealth branch medical center is visible, ahead on the right.

Barger Drive at Echo Hollow Road / Cubit Street.

Barging down Barger.

Text written 02 February 2002.
Last updated 19 January 2006.