Central Point, OR / Yreka, CA / Ashland, OR

24 February 2002

Note: Some of the pictures I took from my car ended up having dodgy red lines on them, because the sun shone at just the wrong angle, and that reflected my car's defrost vent onto the windshield, and said reflection was subsequently photographed. However, the scenery behind the red lines often rocks. 

If seeing a major imperfection on some pictures won't give you seizures and hives, be sure to check out the red line supplement to this page.

View from the Tolo Road overpass, near Central Point (northwest of Medford).

Roxy Ann Peak, east of Central Point.

View of the Tolo Road overpass. 

Southwest Oregon has wacky deciduous trees that contain clumps of  presumably-parasitic yellow flowers. It's quite a unique sight for a northwestern Oregon boy.

Picture taken from the Tolo Road overpass. 

Downtown Central Point, best known to me all these years as (541) 664.

Like, dude! This conical hill is, like, in California! 

This was taken from the Mt. Shasta "vista point" (Vista! Like, soooo Californian!) along I-5. This is definitely not Mt. Shasta. ;)

View of I-5 northbound. Taken at the vista point.

Latitude and longitude of this picture:
41 46' 38.8" N, 122 34' 58.9" W.
(I remembered to bring my GPS with me on this trip. Yay geography geekiness! :) )

I-5 is behind me. This is in front of me.

Once you get south of the Douglas County line back in Oregon, everything looks like this.

Mt. Shasta!

I had to use the "sharpening" feature in PhotoShop to get the darned thing to show up well enough to be visible, but yeah. Mt. Freaking Shasta. You'd better like it. ;)

That hill again, with a mountain of some sort behind it.

Yes, that's sagebrush. 122W and it's still this dry (!) All hail the rain-shadow effect of the Siskiyou range.

More vista from the vista point -- I believe I was facing southwest.

Our pal the conical hill... and the mighty Yansamobile!

The little town of Yreka (pronounced why-REEK-uh), California -- proud home of sagebrush, goshawfully-high gas prices, and not a lot else. Oh, and newspaper boxes that dispense the Sacramento Bee.

Me, looking in the general direction of the last picture.

The view to the left (my right)  of the picture above.

(That didn't make any sense. So here's what to do: Just think Yreka. Yreeeeeeka. Or actually, south of Yreka. 'Tis all you need to know. ;) )

Still in California, northbound on I-5. Dry hills, big truck, yep, yep, yep.

Back in Oregon. This is somewhere in Ashland.

Note the dodgy lion-thingy on the green banner. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, it means "Here there be Shakespeare!" ... or something.

The sign (and flower bed) outside the Shakespearean Center in Ashland.

It looks like something you'd find on a college campus, until you get further back into the theatre area, where you see... Shakespearean things!

Now how's this for Shakespearean atmosphere?

I had mentioned in my Australia trip photo pages that there were supposed to be Aussie black swans living in this pond. Well, now I've been here, and... No. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch. (I did see some little black ducks, though.)

Shakespeare Creek, Ashland, Oregon.

No, actually this is probably Lithia Creek or some such, considering that this picture was taken in Lithia Park and all. (Lithia! Just like the car dealership!)


... I have problems.

Downtown Ashland, from an odd perspective. (There were people standing on that corner, and my damn shyness kicked in again, so I photographed above their heads.)

And it's that-a-way to the Shakespearean Center! Just turn right on Shakespeare Street, go past the gigantic day-glo purple statue of the Bard, and, Hamlet's your uncle, there you are! (Not really. It's actually something like Pioneer Avenue or somesuch. And there's no such statue. And Hamlet is definitely not your uncle.)

Text written 17 March 2002.
Last updated 19 January 2006.