The Big Roadtrip 2002!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

- 31 August 2002 -

My friend Mike (aka DA MAN!!), his partner The Bean, and I wandered through the Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis on a lovely August evening. I took quite a few cool pictures! 

If downtown Minneapolis is your thing,  check out James Lileks' unsurpassable pages on the subject.

"We're gonna make it after all, dammit! Raar! RAAR! RAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!"

"Mary! MARY!! Drop the metal hat and reconsider! You don't know what you're doing!"

This is the Mary Tyler Moore statue in downtown Minneapolis. It's located on the very same street corner where she threw her hat into the air in the intro to her show. It's not a very good likeness; she looks like she's just lost touch with her precious sanity. This picture reveals my ample bemusement at this fact.

Who, indeed!

More of downtown Minneapolis -- this time, however, the picture does not involve loss of sanity or arousing the planet with one's grin.

This is the lovely Wilbur Moo building. A little-known fact about it is that Wilbur Moo, who started his path to greatness as a construction worker for Consolidated Gromyilka, liked to wear women's dresses beneath his overalls while he worked. This created many problems for Wilbur, but they did not set him back at all. He had gumption!, as the locals liked to say -- and that gumption existed long before Moo's 27-year stint as "mayor and viceroy exchequer" of this Midwest metropolis. In 1993, Minneapolis decided to build something to honor Moo's years of service to his community, and, after rejecting the concept of building a bowling alley, a city-run micro-brewery, and a giant incomprehensible piece of modern art, they settled on this building. Its blocky undulations are intended to simulate a woman's dress squished beneath the sweaty overalls of a construction worker who later became the stereotypical "local boy" who "made good".

Either that, or this is a random picture that I took in downtown Minneapolis.



Downtown Minneapolis.

Does anyone else remember that old commercial for Beverly Hills 90210 -- the one where it looked like the heroine's family would have to move back to the Midwest, and Shannen Doherty's character said, "Minneapolis?!" in a goofy tone of voice? Every time I think the name of "Minneapolis", Shannen Doherty's plaintive voice rings through my brain. *nods*


A nifty little fountain thingy.


A look back at downtown Minneapolis. The Southwestern-looking building is a local TV station's headquarters.

Look over there -- between the building that has been attacked by the Cheese Grater Of The Gods and the Automobile Cigarette Lighter Building. Look! Behold, o mortals, the FOSHAY TOWER!

I am not making that up! Foshay! FOSHAY, I say!

Somewhere in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Mary Tyler Moore's metallic not-quite-doppelganger is always turning the world on with a half-crazed smile.

Text written on 28 September 2003.
Last updated 19 January 2006.