The Big Roadtrip 2002!

Poudre River Canyon, Colorado

- 9 September 2002 -

I'm not going to caption these photographs. It's tough to come up with things to say about pretty Rocky Mountain scenery unless you can identify species of pines alongside the road or whatever (and I can't... I could pretend, but I wouldn't be advancing ze science any at all). 

Jennie and I drove up to Fort Collins. Our attempt to find Colorado Highway 14 on its winding course through Fort Collins was an adventure of its own (however, I did not snap any pictures during that adventure... being lost and dreadfully confused tends to inhibit photography, somehow :b )

The scenery in the following images is that of the canyon of the Cache La Poudre River, which is often shortened to just "Poudre River". Regardless of which nomenclatural method you choose, you can find its pronunciation through   

Text written on 20 March 2004.
Last updated 19 January 2006.