Grand Canyon, Arizona

- 05 June 2003 -

The one and only Grand Canyon, conveniently located a lot farther away from Flagstaff, Arizona than you might think. ;)

More of the Canyon of Grandness.

And, yet, more. How can one not take a zillion photos of the Grand Canyon, though?


Note the tourists on the viewpoint. I'm pretty sure I walked out there at some point. 

It's a long way down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, as evidenced in this educational photograph.

Spiffy mesas, seen from above.

Canyon, as far as the eye can see. Yes. 


Another viewpoint that I had visited earlier. It looks precipitous and freaky from here, but it wasn't nearly that freaky in reality, except for the kids running around up there.

Rutilant cliffs of grandness! 

Not-so-rutilant cliffs of grandness. 

There's something for everyone at the Grand Canyon!

Canyon, rock, tree, etc.

Clear blue desert skies, and the red red canyon called home*.

* = by the Havasupai

More canyon-y goodness.

Cliffs, mesas, plateaux, etc., etc.

By now, we know the drill!

Canyon. *nods*

"Hello! Oh, hello. I am a fuzzy li'l woodland creature, living here in the desert. Yes. Do you have any Twinkies®?"


It's a long way to Bostonberry! It's a long long way to go! Goodbye triangulation marker, and hello desert stones! ... or something.

You can tell it's a triangulation station because there's a triangle on it, convenient for triangulation. *nods*

It's a long way to the Department of the Inter-- um, never mind.

You can locate various scenic things here with the scenic locator, kindly presented by George "Bing" Crosby in 1923. 

And we now return to our canyon, already in progress.

It may be a knick-knack shop, but it's still a pretty cool building, irregardless.

A chandelier in ˇEL TOVAR!, which is some kind of fancy-funky hotel/gift shop thingy at the Grand Canyon's South Rim touristy area.

On the way back to Flagstaff.

Text written on 28 December 2005.
Last updated 19 January 2006.

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