Homolovi, Arizona

- 06 June 2003 -

This is the visitor's center at Homolovi! HOMOLOVI!!!!, an archaeological site in Arizona.

A fair-sized city existed here before 1400 A.D. After HOMOLOVI! was abandoned, it became a name that should be shouted in a loud, deep voice. 

The Tsu `Vö Loop Trail: Delighting umlaut-lovers since old people put up its sign in 1996.

Welcome to the "Place of the Little Hills", which doesn't have quite the same ring as mighty Homolovi! HOMOLOVI!

I pronounce it "ho-mo-LOW-vee". Apparently the "correct" pronunciation is "huh-MALL-uh-vee". However, "huh-MALL-uh-vee" can't be thundered forth in a deep mighty voice, and it also can't be inserted into Shaggy's 1995 hit song "Boombastic" ("Mr. Homolovi... hmm... I say, uh, Mr. Homolovi"). Therefore, I shall stick with my pronunciation, despite its potential insinuation of sweet sweet man-lovin'.

An overhanging rock. Observe as it overhangs.

ˇEl desierto!


Ironically, Homolovi is one of the few places in Arizona where we didn't see Kokopelli

We didn't see Kokopelli himself, although, knowing the Kokopelli legend, it is entirely possible that he left this behind... 

I swear on a stack of tacky Kokopelli merchandise -- this is really Arizona, not a picture from the Mars Explorer!


(Or not.)

The funky/wacky thing about HOMOLOVI! is that there are a gazillion pre-Columbian pottery shards just laying all over the ground out there. It's bizarre to just walk up to a place outdoors where a bunch of archaeological artifacts are just laying around.

(The good pottery is in the Visitor's Center, though. Fortunately.)

Bob and Betty Pre-Columbus
907 S.W. Pueblo Drive
Homolovi, AZ 90210

More Homolovi home goodness.

Can you believe this place was on the cover of the Better Pueblos & Gardens' December 1315 issue?

Nearby, you can see a sign. 

This was probably the best-preserved of the dwellings I saw at Homolovi. 

A windstorm was kickin' up the dust -- we were leaving just in time.

Goodbye, mighty HOMOLOVI.

Text written on 28 December 2005.
Last updated 19 January 2006.

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