Vedauwoo Glen, Wyoming

(with one picture from Hays, Kansas)

- 10 June 2003 -

The glory that is Hays, Kansas.

No! Don't close the window! Keep going! This is the last Kansas picture, I promise!  

The true glory that is Vedauwoo Glen, Wyoming. But this is nothing. Keep going. 

With its green grass, pretty coniferous trees, and strange rounded rocks, Vedauwoo Glen is a place like nowhere else on earth.

Picturesque topography. And this is nothing. It's a zillion times prettier in person.  

More Vedauwoo scenery. 

Woo! Woo! 

Goodbye, Vedauwoo. 

Text written on 28 December 2005.
Last updated 19 January 2006.