Crater Lake, Oregon

- 14 August 2004 -

Voici -- la bird feeder, et le chipmonque.

(Picture taken at Princess Creek Park.)

Bird feeder and flowers. They feed the birds together. 

Does one supplant the other with grace and aplomb? Let us leave that for the magistrates to decide.

(Picture taken at Princess Creek Park.)

Crater Lake: mighty, magnificent, and so deeply blue it's hard to tell the sky from the lake in some photos.

Wizard Island is in the middle distance.

See the clouds of mighty foreboding hanging over the surface of the lake. Observe thou as the lake broods. Oh, how it broods. Yes, indeed.

More lacustrine goodness.

(Sometime soon I shall run out of synonyms for "lake". Until then, enjoy.)

Here we have lakeness and treeness, and some volcanic cliffness, too.

Kaniktshaq moritlkatsio atsuniartoq. 

There's snow by the shore of the lake... in August O.o 

According to this site, below 260 feet, the temperature of the lake is at a constant 38°F. That's cold! Unless you're from Anadyr, Chukotka or something, in which case it may be quite balmy. But I digress.

Wizard Island, behind the trees.

Wizard Island formed *after* the initial explosion that turned Mt. Mazama into Crater Lake. It's basically a volcano inside a volcano. Isn't that cool?

eXtreme Chipmunk!


A little birdie watches out over the lake, hoping that somebody dropped some Twinkies®.

The Lake, part 9,146.

Little canyon, big lake, and my shadow.



Need I say more?


... which is a good thing, since it's pretty much a vertical drop-off after that point. The gradients around here are steep, steep, steep.

Me, with my eyes closed. Also, Wizard Island.

(Picture by Kickadee.)

Life... is an advënture. 

eXtreme Cuteness! :D

This is the one and only Kickadee. <3

Yon forkéd tree.

(Picture by Kickadee.)


"Hello... oh, hello."

The path down to the Sinnott Overlook.

The lake, as seen from Sinnott Overlook.

More overlooky goodness, in a Sinnott sort of way.

Observe as the water becomes more and more blue. Yes.  

Mucho agua.

Y otro vez.

Art imitates life, or something.

Life imitates art, which was imitating life, which ... well, you know. It's all one big riddle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a hanky and hurled into deep space by Martians, etc., etc.

Nifty flowers. They're almost like mini-bluebonnets, for the Texans in the audience.

(Picture by Kickadee.)

eXtreme Chipmunk, Part Deux.

"Oh, I'm such a cheeky li'l chipmunk."

(Picture by Kickadee.)

eXtreme Chipmunk, Part Trois.

(Picture by Kickadee.)

eXtreme Chipmunk, Part Quatre.

The blue that you can see behind the eXtreme Chipmunk? It's all lake. O.o

The Sinnott Overlook indoor center can be seen on the left of the picture.

eXtreme Chipmunk, Part Cinque.

Isn't it just so cuuuute? :D



eXtreme Chipmunk Closeup of eXtreme Chipmunk Cuteness!

A tiny bit fuzzy, but also rather pretty.

The thunder rolls...

A storm was moving in. It finally caught up with us when we were in the Crater Lake shops (which is a pretty good place for a storm to catch up with one, IMO).

Text mostly written in 2004.
Last updated 20 January 2006.

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