Yellowstone (Part 4)

Old Faithful™ and Environs

- 08 September 2004 -

People people people people people people

Everyone loves Old Faithful™! Everyone gathers around Old Faithful™ when it's Old Faithful Time™.

Old Faithful™ is about to do something famous®...

Here we observe a Man without a Hat. We can also see some sort of geyser or something in the middle of the picture.

At this point, everyone goes "Whooooo..."
... and takes pictures. (Like our hatless friend here.)

"Encore! Encore!"

Old Faithful™ decides to do a li'l something more. The people cheer their approval. This is their moment! This is what they have come all this distance to see. 

Yes! Old Faithful™, keep it up!

On our first night in Yellowstone, Miss Kick and I were driving around at night, desperately seeking food. 

You see, Yellowstone is a big place -- it's about 40 miles from the west park entrance to Old Faithful -- and it closes up quite early. 

We got to Old Faithful at around 9:30pm. The regular (and snooty) restaurants were packed. We were told that one place had "cafeteria" (not "it has cafeteria-style food", or "it has a cafeteria", but "it has cafeteria")... Old Faithful Lodge itself. However, we couldn't find it for a long time. It's pretty well hidden. However, this was the place, and we did indeed have some cafeteria before going to bed that evening. 

This is that building. 
This is that building with a gigantic wooden statue of a miffed ursine. 
This is the place ... with cafeteria
This is Old Faithful Lodge.

We didn't *just* see Old Faithful™, though... this is the bridge over the Yellowstone River, and we're on the way to see the other spiffy sites in the Old Faithful™ Region.

The water, O how it liquidates... observe thou the water.

I saw the sign, and it opened up my mind...

... and I am happy now watching the CUTE LITTLE DEERSES, whoa oh-oh, oh; oh oh-oh. 


That's what this deer said. Meanwhile, the river flowed by. 

Along the path, looking back at Old Faithful Lodge.

There's a lot of pretty scenery along the two-mile loop from Old Faithful to Morning Glory Pool.

Just some sinter in heaven.

It's the famous Old Faithful™ boardwalk... and the boardwalk goes ever on.

This is a fairly typical chunk of boardwalk in the Old Faithful™ region.

Misty clouds of sulphuric goodness.

Sadly, this one just ain't workin' no more. 

Perhaps they should return it to the Northwestern Wyoming Geothermal Hot Spot Outlet LLC for a full refund.

However, this one works just fine.

Funky colors, near Sponge Geyser.

Remember, kids: Bacteria makes it possible!

Sponge Geyser: Unique, spiffy, underrated.

Sponge Geyser isn't the most spectacular geyser in Yellowstone, but it's kind of interesting. The "cup" of Sponge Geyser starts empty, but the geothermal water slowly fizzes its way to the top and overflows a bit before slowly retreating. It's a mellow geyser, and the nearby bench has a good (but distant) view of Old Faithful™.

Sponge Geyser's cup runneth over.

Bye-bye, geothermally-heated water.

Meanwhile, across the boardwalk from Sponge Geyser...

The geyser on this side seems to have some sort of Amazing Spirito-Geothermic Connection® with Sponge Geyser and Old Faithful™. When Sponge Geyser was active, this geyser was not, and vice versa -- although both got more active when Old Faithful™ was active. O, the wacky, wacky, wacky world of geyserdom!

Old Faithful™ doin' its thing in the distance.

Note the madding crowd in the background... observing.

Pretty, pretty beëzwax...

Doublet Pool.

(Note: No actual beëzwax was harmed in the making of this picture.)

The Doublet Pool environs.


(or not) 

Ear Spring... aka Mung Bean Geyser. 

Goggles Spring, presumably named because there are lots of colors to goggle at here. 


Just another day at Yellowstone.

Even the rivers are not immune to GEOTHERMAL MADNESS! It's the funky fad that just doesn't stop!

A rusty looking pool.

Kokopelli's Seed Geyser.

(not really... I don't know what this one was called. There are lots of features without nomenclatural signs out here.)

Demerits for you, Tardy Geyser.

This geyser eventually got big enough that it splashed folks on the ever-present boardwalk.


This is the "Grand Geyser", where we sat for 20 minutes to watch it do ... this.

Shaped like a dollar-sign in the rainy season, Economic Geyser is--

Okay, that was a fib. There does not appear to be an actual tourist-discernible reason why this is called "Economic Geyser". Well, there's one possibility: it may be economical about erupting, having not done so while we were, like, actually there. ;b  

And the boardwalk goes ever on. 

Behold: Beauty Pool, in all its poolish glory. 

Beauty Pool, again.

We got to watch part of the orange bacteria mat come loose from the bottom of the pool and besmirch the Pool's eponymous Beauty.

Crossin' over Jellystone.

Note the LOOMING GEOTHERMAL DOOOOOM in the background.

Geyser on the bank of the river.

More riverine goodness.

I forget what this one was called. 

"My Cake Looked Like This, And Thus I Was Not Hired For Iron Chef" Geyser?

DUCK thou ! and AVOID the SPRAY called LEGION

Behold: The hissing, fuming goodness we call Grotto Geyser.

Another view of Grotto Geyser.

It looks strikingly like a castle from one side, and it looks like Lumpy McNothin' Geyser from the other side. 'Tis truly a miracle of nature! 

Grotto Geyser, and the Work of the Paviour. 

Spa Geyser, baby.

When we got here, there was a lady with a camera who was very focused on this placid little pool of water. We were surprised by this. We continued looking at nearby Grotto Geyser, but decided to sit over by Spa Geyser for a rest. We were stunned by an eruption just a few minutes later. O.o 

This one doesn't look active, but it puts on an impressive show every half-hour or so, and it puts one in the state of mind where they imagine what it must have been like to be an explorer-type individual who ended up camping in this general area at night. A constant surprising "Whoosh! Spritz!", from countless placid pools and stank burbling springs...


Some of the geothermal features are getting a little too close for comfort...

It took us a while to get here (lots of gawking opportunities involving other geothermal goodness), but, at last, here we are... Morning Glory Pool. :D

Zee poooool...


Skimming the surface, photographically-speaking.

Mr. Buffalo bid us farewell to Yellowstone National Park.

Goodbye, Mr. Buffalo.

Text written at times in 2004, and on 29 December 2005.
Last updated 20 January 2006.

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