The Oregon Coast

Lincoln City beach, Pacific City beach, and one Astoria picture

- 30 January 2005 -


I can't seem to go to the seashore these days without getting that annoying country song from a few years ago -- y'know, the one that goes "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean" -- stuck in my head. Sad thing, that, because the ocean is otherwise rather nice.

Looking down the beach at Lincoln City. 

It is claimed to be the shortest river in the world: Lincoln City's D River (or, as the sign says: "D" River... mustn't forget the "quotes"!) Seagulls like it.

Looking north along the beach at Lincoln City. The D River is in the middle distance.

It is claimed to be the shortest river in the world, that D River (or, as the sign says: "D" River... mustn't forget the "quotes"!) Seagulls like it.

Looking south along the beach at Lincoln City.

"More" of the "D" "River" in "Lincoln" "City".

Seagulls enjoying the D River.

"Excuse me, there, my fellow seagull, but have you seen any Twinkies®?"

The Pacific Ocean, spraying and sloshing around as it often does. 

Here's what's on the other side of the road from the beach. And this is about as developed as the Oregon seashore gets. :)  


Do the Dew, maaan! Break the Grip of the Rip, maaaan! 

I know you envy me. For you have not been to Neotsu.

I have been to Neotsu.

I present my vehicle in this picture as photographic proof of my visit... to Neotsu.

Now we're a bit farther up the coast..

Another view of the pretty rock offshore at this beach. 

The dunes, complete with tufts of dune-grass.

A look northward along the dune-grass sector of the beach.

The Ocean™.

And I said "Goodbye" to that beach... 

... and "hello" to the beach at Bob Straub State Park, conveniently located in Pacific City.  

I'm keepin' it legal by keepin' it pedestrian. Plus, my car doesn't like sand. I think it might be allergic. 

This is the view to the left of the sign. Pacific City, ahoy!

 'Tis a small town, and on this winter's day the town appeared as though time had passed it by. Time probably took US 101, and missed Pacific City and its pretty beach.

I did not do likewise. 

It's meeeeee! And Yansa Rock, which I have named after my burly self on account of the fact that I can't find its name online at the moment. It's mine. Mine, I say! 

I claim this rock for Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan! ... well, not really. 

And now, about 60 miles north of that last picture... a gigantic boat goes under the big scary bridge that joins Astoria with a bunch of places nobody's ever heard of in Washington. 

The history, culture, and utter fabulousness is over here in Oregon for a reason, my friends. Oregon has no sales tax! ;)

Text written on 29 December 2005.
Last updated 20 January 2006.

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