Shoshone Falls

(near the town of Twin Falls, Idaho)

- 25 May 2005 -

Shoshone Falls!

(properly pronounced "show-SHOWN", as I was reminded by the locals after a lifetime of profligately adding an extra "eeeeee" sound on the end)

Believe it or not, this is just a city park in the town of Twin Falls, Idaho. O.o

A close-up of one of the shelves above the falls. In times of high water, there'd be plenty of aquatic goodness tumbling over the precipice here... but not now. 

In times of high water, this is also called the "Niagara Of The West"... but definitely not now. At the time of these photographs, it was the "'Damn, I Left The Garden Hose On' Of The West".

But it's still pretty.

The funky-shaped hill that towers over the Falls. 

The Snake River below (i.e., west of) the falls. 

The currently-operating portion of the waterfall. 

The scene above the falls.

Cliffs west of the falls.

Nearby vegetation, vegetating nearby.

The entire panorama of what could be, including that which is.

(picture by Kickadee)

It's meeeee! And a funky red-roofed building. I took way too many pictures of that building, for some reason I do not understand. They did not make it to this album, though. You may rejoice now. 

A nifty natural bridge type thingy between the safe walking place and the mass of Snakey water below. 

One last westward look down at the Snake River.

A pretty flowery weed that bids us farewell as we go. 

Text written 30 December 2005.
Last updated 20 January 2006.