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dance, pally, dance!

Dance, dance, dance.

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It's not like this is 1995 or anything.
Nobody reads these things anymore!

However, since you are here, you have put the lie to this, yes? Yes! Yes, of course. 

Now, let's introduce me, shall we?

I am of the male biological persuasion -- not that it took much persuading, oh no!

I am engaged to a Kickadee of the female biological persuasion. (If I am found wandering about confusedly, it is unto her that I should be returned.)

I was born long ago, during the Carter administration, in the damp and frigid Northwestern woods of northwestern Oregon. There I remained, growing every day in strength and pallor, until the bright shining day in mid-2005 when I suddenly wasn't there anymore. 

I vacated the shivering volcano-threatened dampness of the boreal forests for a flat, warm, humid, and very flat land where 80°F feels "coolish". This is the land we all call North Texas.

(I still have an odd fondness for Oregon, but my allergies make it certain that I shan't return. That, and housing prices.)

Once upon a time, I made my living by oversimplifying computers for confused people. As of this writing (October, 2005 A.D.), however, I am casually referred to as "Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances, minus the beer, the crisps, and the attitude, oh, and the sweater vest". In fact, I can be observed above, in a still photo found near the top of this very page, doing a random little dance in a faded black T-shirt. Your wild unrequited fantasies can begin there!

 I like stuff®! Stuff® includes road trips, other assorted travel, geography, geology, the history of North American exploration, and suchlike.

I exist, darnit -- so, world, here I am. Revel in the knowledge! I command thee!

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